From beaches to mountains to the bush, there’s an outdoor setting to suit everybody’s taste, but if you’ve ever tried to pitch a tent on sand or rocky ground, or even had one blow away, you’ll know that not all environments are conducive to traditional camping. We design our camper trailers for Australia’s wide variety of terrains and ever-changing climate conditions, and they’re compact enough to hook up to your vehicle and bring just about anywhere. Whether you’re sticking to the roads or venturing into the wilderness, the camper trailers we have for sale can handle whatever Australia throws at them, and our selection is sure to meet your camping needs.

The best camper trailers for sale in Australia

As a leading Australian caravan producer, Fantasy Caravan is proud to only put up the best camper trailers for sale in Australia. Our hardy products are built with a fully galvanised construction and heavy-duty suspension to endure even the most rugged and rough terrain of Australia. Our compliance with the Australian Design Regulations and Australian Safety Standards is engineer-certified, and every model is off-road ready, meaning you’ll have reliable durability on your side wherever you go in your camper trailer, be it on-road or beyond.

Check out our range of camper trailers

If you’re ready to enjoy the Australian landscape to the fullest, get one of Australia’s best camper trailers. Compared to traditional camping, a trailer will grant you a larger, more durable tent that you can set up anywhere, and will take your next camping trip to the next level. Come see Fantasy Caravan’s Australia range at our Moorabbin showroom by booking an appointment. Contact us through our website or call 1300 096 615.